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Free DVD, CD Album, Blu Ray, Wii, Xbox and PS3 Covers

Welcome to CoverDude.com! Cover Dude is a site dedicated to all things covers, if you hadnt already noticed that is :) !

We provide a number of core functionalities for you to use and enjoy for free such as free magazine creation services as well as replacement cd, dvd covers, blu ray and xbox, wii and ps3 covers.

Create a magazine cover

We have developed a really great magazine creation system giving you lots of really cool features allowing you to create personalised fun and professional magazine covers! Check out some of our features:
  • Basic magazines are free
  • Upload directly to social networking sites
  • Crop your photo
  • Personalised text service
  • Download professional quality magazines for just $4.95
Create your fake magazine cover now!

Cover replacement service

We also offer a totally free cover replacement service covering everything from CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray titles to Wii, Xbox and PS3 covers. If you have bought a game and lost the cover or case then it can be a pain finding a replacement, our service allows you to print off the cover and insert it into your own case. The service is totally free and all you need to do is search for what you are looking for or use the categories listed on the right hand side to navigate.

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